Dr. Gibson

Welcome to my home page where you will find information on what is happening at HCS in the areas of technology and music. It is my great pleasure to work with our students in the areas of choir, band, and computer/technology instruction. I have been teaching the combination of music education and computer technology for 25 years. I am currently in my 11th year at HCS and I firmly believe the students here are the best!

May 25 – Closing Day Mass – 8:00 (in church)

The word technology comes from two Greek words – techne and logos.  Techne means art, skill, craft, or the way, manner, or means by which a thing is gained. Logos means word, the utterance by which inward thought is expressed, a saying, or an expression.  I hope that students who enter the Computer Lab at HCS will leave with greater insight into their own imaginations and innate creative abilities and learn the tools they need to be able to express these unique qualities each of them possess.

Our lab is a great place to be creative when working on projects involving slide presentations, movies/videos/animations, pixel art, 3-D drawings, database and keyboarding projects, coding, graphs/charts, web-page design and/or computer audio/visual editing projects.

Each project is designed to promote self expression, critical thinking skills and, at the same time, provide the skills they need for thoughtful, productive, effective research experiences.

This year’s projects will be expanded to utilize all the Google Chrome apps and extensions that go along with the new Chromebooks the students will be using.

[In our spare time we have our favorite websites on the internet.  Click   HERE   for some of my favorites which I have assembled in a Symbaloo Webmix.]

Speaking of Chromebooks, they have been purchased and distributed for all students in grades 5 through 8.  G-Mail accounts have been created that will allow them to share information with project partners and with their teachers at any time – whether at school or at home.  If problems arise at any time please CONTACT ME via the email link above so I can check the device, make repairs and/or issue a replacement if necessary.

Acceptable use contracts have been signed and each student is expected to abide by the contract throughout the time they have the Chromebook in their possession.

HCS has a great Technology Committee working very hard to keep everything up-to-date.  At the head of that Committee is our IT Director, John Grawitch.  Many hours are put into planning, implementing, maintaining and servicing the technological needs of our school.  Without John and the Committee, we would not be able to provide all that we have for our students.

We are blessed to have them all.

Thanks for all you do for HCS.