Mrs. Beck


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January 6th through 10th, 2020



  • Learn all about the Letter Nn; what it looks like, how it sounds & words that begin with it
  • Learn the Letter Nn action song
  • Work on letter formation
  • Sort uppercase and lowercase Nn
  • Trace words that start with Nn


  • Review ABC Pattern
  • Celebrate our 50th day of school!!
  • Work on number recognition for #’s 1-5
  • Learn all about the number 6: what it looks like on a dice, how to draw 6 dots on a Ten Frame, where it is on the number line, how to draw 6 tally marks & drawing 6 objects
  • Work on 1:1 correspondence


  • Talk about Epiphany and the three wise men visiting Jesus
  • Talk about Noah’s Ark
  • Offer up prayers and practice the Our Father
  • Continue to practice the Sign of the Cross

Social Studies & Science

  • Learn about night


  • Practice raising our hands
  • Review our classroom rules
  • Take turns with toys
  • January dramatic play theme is “On the Go!”