Mrs. Smith

I started teaching at Holy Childhood in 2015. Before that, I spent my teaching career at St. Peter and Paul in Collinsville,  which is my home town. My husband, Allen, and I have been married for 28 years and we have three children. We have two grown sons, Daniel and Alex, and our daughter, Julia attends SWIC.

The decision to change jobs and become part of the Holy Childhood family was one of the best decisions I ever made! This school is truly a special place!

No School Monday, Sept. 6

We are about half way through the first chapter in science. It’s a long chapter!! Every year 5th graders struggle with learning what is expected of them in science and this year is no exception. It’s getting better, though! It always does!

6th graders are deep into our first unit on Earth’s history. We’ve learned about fossils, how old the Earth is and are currently creating a timeline of Earth. It’s a BIG project!

The 7th grade has been busy learning about cells and the scientists who discovered them. We need to get through some basics before starting with the fun stuff. Next week we will have a microscope lab.

The 8th grade has been very busy! Their curriculum starts off pretty dry with learning about matter. However, we’ve had three labs so far to liven things up!¬† The s’mores lab last week was definitely a hit.

They will have a test on Friday, Sept. 8 over lessons 1-3 in unit 1. Then we’ll start on the Periodic Table and we’ll stay there for a few weeks.

Language Arts

No major assignments or tests are coming up.

We are about halfway through with Ch. 2 in English. I’m moving along quickly because this is all review. I did not even test over ch. 1. We will have a regular test at the end of ch. 2, probably the week of Sept. 13.

In addition to working on ch. 10, I’ve been adding in some grammar and parts of speech review.