Mrs. Smith

I started teaching at Holy Childhood in 2015. Before that, I spent my teaching career at St. Peter and Paul in Collinsville,  which is my home town. My husband, Allen, and I have been married for 25 years and we have three children. We have two grown sons, Daniel and Alex, and our daughter, Julia, is still in high school.

The decision to change jobs and become part of the Holy Childhood family was one of the best decisions I ever made! This school is truly a special place!

7th Grade science test is Monday, March 25.

5th Grade Ch. 4 test is Friday, March 29.

Variety Show is April 5.




Ch. 4 test is Friday, March 29.

We are squeezing in some science classes on the rock cycle in between Variety Show practices. If there aren’t many grades for science right not, it’s because I only have them as a group during science class so it takes a hit during Variety Show season. I’m working in some mini-lessons, though, to minimize the impact.

Test Monday, March 25.

Next we are moving on to ecosystems and the food chain. We will finish up the year with dissection after that.

We are hip deep in our electric shoe box project. You should see the disaster known as the science lab! They are doing great work, though!

Language Arts

English ch. 4 test is Tuesday, Nov. 14.

We are working on a biography project in reading but everything should be completed in class.

We are working on biography presentations the week of March 25-29.

We worked through ch. 8 last week but aren’t testing over it. There was no new content. We are moving into ch. 9 which is a difficult chapter dealing with punctuation quotation marks. We will work through it slowly but it is one of the harder skills that we learn this year.