Mrs. Smith

I started teaching at Holy Childhood in 2015. Before that, I spent my teaching career at St. Peter and Paul in Collinsville,  which is my home town. My husband, Allen, and I have been married for 25 years and we have three children. We have two grown sons, Daniel and Alex, and our daughter, Julia, is still in high school.

The decision to change jobs and become part of the Holy Childhood family was one of the best decisions I ever made! This school is truly a special place!

Happy New Year!

Jan. 10 reports cards available online

Jan. 17 Feeding God’s People/Spirit Wear

Jan. 21 No School MLK Day

Jan. 27 Catholic Schools Week begins





We are finishing up ch. 3.  We were heading to tests in my 3 subjects right about the same time so I slowed down in Science and we did a little extra project on animal and plant adaptations. We will be having a test the week of Jan.21, exact date TBA.

Jan. 9

We are starting in on the Weather Unit.  This will take most of 3rd Quarter. No major grades on the immediate horizon, though.


We are working on the body systems unit. I’m breaking it in half. We have covered skeletal, muscular and are learning about the nervous system. We will test over those three systems next week-Thursday, Jan. 17. Then we will do circulatory, respiratory and digestive systems. Those are the only systems I cover. The 7th grade curriculum is a very full one so I have to cut out topics here and there to fit everything in.


We started the Physics Unit right before Christmas Break. This week we really started getting into the thick of it. We will tackle Newton’s Laws of Motion first. I will be having them for some extra class time on Wednesday mornings starting next week. We will be using this as extra time to work on some small projects pertaining to each of the three Laws of Motion.


Language Arts

English ch. 4 test is Tuesday, Nov. 14.

Book test over Island of the Blue Dolphins is Thursday, Jan. 17.

Ch. 5 English test is Tuesday, Jan 15.

We will also be working a small project in reading as we review for the test but most, if not all, of it will be finished in class.





Island of the Blue Dolphins book test 1/17.

Ch. 5 test is 1/15.