Each year numerous parish and school fundraising activities are offered to provide additional support for Holy Childhood School.  Many hardworking individuals and organizations spend countless hours preparing for these events.  If you would like to be a part of these efforts please contact Mrs. Dougherty and she will direct you to the organization that will be glad to have your help.  If, instead, you would like to make a personal financial donation to Holy Childhood School, please take a moment to peruse the areas below.  Thank you.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are a great way to ensure your friends and family will receive exactly what they want and you are helping HCS too. For more information, click here.

Dinner Auction

The HCS Dinner Auction is a wonderful night of fun, friends, and fabulous items to bid on. The Dinner Auction is the Saturday after Columbus Day in October.

Annual Fund

The Annual Fund generates approximately +$40,000 from Parishioners, Parents, Grandparents, Alumni, School Board, Staff, and friends. These monies are used for special projects and to help in the budget.


Holy Childhood School continues to be in the forefront in the use of technology. Through the dedication of the Technology Committee the school has two computer labs, computers in each classroom and an always expanding website. Generated funds help to continue to upgrade and improve. Chromebooks are used by middle school students – 1:1 program.


Holy Childhood Library continues to expand and improve. With the program ‘Reading Counts’, students read books at various reading levels and take tests via the computer. Besides funding from HOPE the library also has a book fair each fall. Donations are used to purchase new tests, books and materials. Your donations will be well used and we invite you to visit the library.


The Holy Childhood Sports Program is funded by participation fees, fundraisers and donations. Holy Childhood offers boys’ baseball, girls’ soccer, boys’ and girls’ basketball, boys’ and girls’ volleyball and track. New uniforms and equipment are just part of the cost to fund the program. We not only need donations of money but are also looking for people interested in coaching these sports. Contact the school office (566-2922) if you would be interested in coaching.

School Endowment Fund

This fund is for the future of Holy Childhood School. The monies are invested and the interest generated is used to help with the budget. The principle is not used only the interest. You can help insure the future of Holy Childhood School.

Mary Hirl Scholarship Fund

This was established in December 2006 at the request of Mary Hirl in her honor. Ms. Hirl died on December 4, 2006 and had taught 2nd grade at Holy Childhood School for many years. Monies in this fund will be used to assist in tuition assistance for families of Holy Childhood.

Planned Giving Information for Holy Childhood School

Are you planning a bequest to Holy Childhood School through your will or revocable trust?  You have a wide choice of alternatives to help our school.  Follow this LINK to see how you can help.