Today’s society is focused on teaching children to test well.  Even though, Holy Childhood School cautions those who would place too much emphasis on standardized testing, we appreciate and participate in standardized testing as one way to measure success.  We use a nationally recognized test called IOWA Assessment Tests.  It is a nationally standardized achievement test that is given to students in Grades 2 through 8. Students are assessed in reading, language, math, social studies and science.  Our students have consistently scored well above the national average on this test.

At Holy Childhood School we are more concerned about the individual progress of each child.  The size of our student body allows our teachers to individualize lesson plans around the strengths and challenges that our students face.  Our goal is to take each student to the next level of learning.

One of the best measures of an elementary school is how their students perform in high school.  We continually receive positive comments from local high schools about how well our students are prepared.

You are encouraged to further discuss how we measure success with our principal Tim Keefe.  You can email Mr. Keefe at