Q: As an actively involved parent I do not want to be left out of the loop, so-to-speak, when it comes to communication between school and home.  How receptive are the teachers at Holy Childhood School when it comes to parents getting involved in their children’s school life and can I expect Holy Childhood School to keep me informed of my child’s day-to-day school experiences?

“Communication with parents is exceptional.  Teachers make themselves available for meetings and by e-mail.  (HCS provides) opportunities for parent involvement and gives children ample opportunities to succeed.  Principal walks the talk in Christian values.” – Current 8th Grade Parent

“(HCS) does a great job of having functions that involve the entire family.  It gives us the opportunity to visit our child’s school and get to know other families as well.  Holy Childhood encourages parents to be a part of their child’s schooling.” – Current Kindergarten Parent

Q: Holy Childhood Parish has an excellent religious education program for families that don’t attend the school. What more will my child receive in terms of faith and spiritual development, if I choose to send him to the school?

“Religious education and faith development take time.  Most religious education classes for children that don’t attend a Catholic school are held on weekly basis for about an hour each week over a nine-month period.  This amounts to about 36 hours of formal religious education in a year’s time.  When your child enrolls at Holy Childhood School, he or she receives that formal religious education every school day for nine months.  This amounts to about 180 hours of formal religious education.  You can’t teach as much in 36 hours as you can 180 hours.  Not to mention, at a Catholic school like Holy Childhood’s, faith and spiritual development permeates the entire seven hour day, five days a week, nine months a year.  Prayer and Christian living at Holy Childhood are a way of life.” – Parent and Teacher of Holy Childhood

Q:My wife and I are looking for a school that will support our efforts at home to raise our child with good values and morals.  How will Holy Childhood support us in this effort?

“We feel like part of a family being a part of HC – we love that our children learn to count on God as part of their daily routine.” – Holy Childhood parents, Angie and John

Q: As a mother, I am really concerned about the safety of my child at school. Can you tell me if Holy Childhood offers a safe and loving environment?

“(HCS) provides a safe and caring environment for children to learn as well as grow in their faith.” – Parent of a 4th and 8th grader

Q: I am trying to choose between sending my child to the local public school and Holy Childhood School, can you tell me why I should choose Holy Childhood?

“Overall program is great – my children have the opportunity to grow spiritually on a daily basis while receiving a quality education.” – Parent with two children at Holy Childhood

“The school creates a caring and nurturing environment. Very strong religious instruction. Love the idea of my child getting an education where God can be involved.” – Parent at Holy Childhood

“Children respect teachers and are polite. The children do their homework and this carries over into high school. The school communicates well with parents.” – Parent of a 4th grader

“Well-rounded academic, extracurricular and spiritual activities for all students’ interests. Principal and teachers very active in school’s betterment.” – Parent at Holy Childhood

“Good communication with parents, excellent principal and teachers, good Catholic values, variety of opportunities for sports and social activities with students and parents, close-knit community, continued improvements.” – Parent of an 8th grader

If there are other questions you have that were not covered, please let us know and we will have a current school parent address them with you.  Please direct your communication to Mr. Tim Keefe at tkeefe@holychildhoodschool.com or call the school at (618) 566-2922.