Each step in your child’s life is important.  Please know that Holy Childhood School’s staff and faculty appreciate the step you are taking in looking at what Holy Childhood can offer your child.

How do you best learn what Holy Childhood School is all about?  Experience it!  Here are a few suggestions for checking us out.

To schedule a school visit contact the school office at (618) 566-2922 or email us at hcs@holychildhoodschool.com.

This shadowing experience matches your child up with a current student who shows them around Holy Childhood School during the course of a day.  It gives you and your child a real feel for whether our school is the place for them.  To schedule a shadowing visit, call the school office at (618) 566-2922 or email hcs@holychildhoodschool.com.

Check Upcoming Events occasionally to view when future open houses are scheduled.  During the open house you get to meet students, faculty, and staff at Holy Childhood School.

The doors of our school are always open for your family to come visit.  It’s best to let us know that you are coming.

Next steps to take in enrolling at Holy Childhood

Complete the new incoming student registration form.  Click here to download PDF files of the complete registration forms or click here to visit our Contact page to complete a brief on-line inquiry form.  The completed registration form and all necessary paperwork should be returned to the school office.

A $175.00 registration fee must accompany the registration form in order to secure placement for your children.  Birth certificate, immunization form, and baptismal certificate (required for Catholics) must also be received with the registration form.  Click here for a PDF copy of the immunization form.

Upon receiving your tuition payment information in the mail, you will need to indicate the method of payment that works best for your family.  Click here to view financing options that available at Holy Childhood School.



Holy Childhood
215 North John Street
Mascoutah, IL  62258


(618) 566-2720

Note:  If you fax, remember that registration is not complete until the registration fee is paid.

Drop Off

Monday-Friday 7:15-3:15 pm.

Summer: Monday-Friday 7:30 am-2:00 pm June/August.