Welcome to the prospective student section of the Holy Childhood School web site.  The pages that follow are intended to give you a better understanding of how our school educates your child intellectually, morally, and spiritually.  We have been successfully doing this for more than 150 years!

On the web pages that follow, you learn from a variety of sources (current parents, teachers, students, and alumni) just how students at Holy Childhood School excel academically.  Click here to read what current parents at Holy Childhood School have to say about the academic program.

Small class sizes coupled with commitment to individual attention create an educational environment where each student is valued and challenged.  Click here to read what faculty have to say about our teaching methods.  At Holy Childhood School, we are committed to your child’s intellectual growth.  Give us an opportunity to demonstrate this by scheduling your personal school visit.

As you explore our site, you learn from a variety of sources (current parents, teachers, students, alumni, and assessment measures) that students not only learn the basic teachings of the Catholic Church by attending our school, their faith both deepens and matures through their educational journey.

Through our emphasis on moral development, your child is challenged daily to lead a life that searches for truth in discerning right from wrong.  Through our emphasis on spiritual development, your child is supported in his/her unique journey toward living life in faith experience.  Indeed, your child will be encouraged to grasp the deeper meanings of faith whether through the daily prayers that are offered or by seeing the hand of God in the curriculum that is taught.

Life is best lived in a holistic environment where mind, body, and spirit are recognized as gifts from God.  Throughout your continued contact with Holy Childhood School, we hope that you will decide to join us and participate in the only educational option in our region that combines all of these aspects of wellness.  Settling for anything less would mean short changing your child.