Mrs. Renth, Teacher – 5th Grade

Learning at Holy Childhood School is unique for several reasons. First and foremost, we incorporate our Catholic-Christian values and beliefs whenever possible throughout our curriculum. For example, whether studying history or current events we are able to examine the event through the eyes of a person of faith. Secondly, having smaller class sizes allows us more individual time with students who may need remedial help or enrichment. Thirdly, our constant effort to stay up to date with technology provides the young people of our school the opportunity to learn in new and interesting ways each year.

Mrs. Hulliung, Teacher – Kindergarten

Holy Childhood School is a small close knit school where everyone is treated like family.  The staff care for each child as if they are their own.  Our dedicated teachers strive to ensure each child meets their academic, emotional, and spiritual potential.

Mrs. Barttelbort, Teacher – 3rd Grade

Students attending Holy Childhood School benefit academically in a superior fashion.  Holy Childhood teachers instruct with high expectations in mind regarding student’s daily work, projects, and long-term academic goals.  Our students benefit from a well-rounded curriculum including religion, three levels of math, history, science, social studies, geography, physical and life sciences, phonics, writing, Shurley English, music, band, computers, and physical education.  Small class sizes are an extra benefit that offers opportunities for our students to work one-on-one with their teachers.  Our teachers use many methods for teaching their coursework, including traditional lecture, group discussion, Smart Board, internet, videos, and hands-on experiments.  Holy Childhood teachers consider it their mission to help students build a strong educational foundation.