Bus Transportation

Holy Childhood School Students have the opportunity to ride the Mascoutah School District bus to and from Holy Childhood School. Transportation is provided at no charge to our students from several locations on Scott Air Force Base. If you live off base, but within the Mascoutah School District Boundaries and would be eligible to have your child ride the bus, your child would also be eligible to ride the bus to Holy Childhood School.

New Student “Sponsor” Program

Holy Childhood School provides “Student/Youth Sponsors” to any new child enrolled in Holy Childhood School. The homeroom teacher pairs the new student with currently enrolled students. These “Buddies” help students new to the school feel comfortable, learn the schedule, locations within the building and adjust to their new friends and classes.

Holy Childhood School also has a “Buddies” program pairing prekindergarten (4 year old) students with a 6th grade “big Buddy”, kindergarten students with 7th grade buddies and 1st grade students with 8th grade buddies. When possible, a student may have the same “buddy” for successive years. Buddies meet monthly to complete activities, go on short field trips and build a special bond. During 8th grade graduation, it is not uncommon for a “Big Buddy” to return to Holy Childhood School to attend graduation of their little buddy from long ago. Also, several “Big Buddies” have been Confirmation Sponsors for their “Little Buddy” in eighth grade and given witness and support as they are Confirmed.

Military Students

Currently, one fourth (25%) of our student population has one or both parents who are active military, stationed at Scott Air Force Base. In addition to those actively serving, our parent population also includes Air Force Civilian employees and families who have served in the military, retired, and reside in the Mascoutah area. Whether new to the area, or a long time resident, the Holy Childhood School and Parish communities are very welcoming to all who wish to attend.

Over the past few years, Holy Childhood School has received several Department of Defense STEM Grants to enhance the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math curriculum.

Hear From Our Military Families

Our military family has moved place to place every 2-3 years, leaving friends behind and moving our entire household to another. With each move, our boys go through the strain of learning the ins and outs of a new school system, new teachers, and even very different cultures. Growing up is hard, so finding friends and a safe, dedicated place to learn is paramount. Holy Childhood has been wonderful for our 4th grader! He started several weeks after classes began, and was hesitant and nervous about another new school. The class actively welcomed him on his first visit, and when he started school they folded him right into the class, and he found great friends and attentive teachers the last 2+ years. No one singles him out for a different accent, or not growing up in the community, or when his active duty family member cannot attend an event because of military requirements. All you need bring is your smile and a willingness to learn, and the family at HCS will do the rest. Thank you for great memories our family can take to our next adventure!

Parents Don and Marie


It is not easy when moving a family of school-age children, especially in the middle of the school year. In 2013, my son Rocco switched schools a month into the school year. The Holy Childhood faculty and staff could not be more welcoming…they even let Rocco spend the morning with his “would be” class (a nice opportunity HCS provides to possible incoming students). When we picked him up after the few hours his exact words were “I am coming back tomorrow!” Rocco was immediately welcomed by the class as were we by the teacher. The teachers were simply amazing as well. Because of the advanced English (vice his previous public school), the teacher spent extra time not only with Rocco but with us as well to ensure we all understood the material. A couple of years later, when the public school district opened a new elementary school, we asked Rocco if he wanted to try to the “new” school…no chance! Simply put, the teachers, students, and families at Holy Childhood are amazing! They are welcoming, kind and live by the values they teach. Rocco has thrived at Holy Childhood like we had not seen in him in any PCS change of school.

Yvette and I would recommend HCS to anyone who is serious about education, values and religious education! You and your team are awesome!!!

Parents Michael and Yvette


Every few years we tell our children it is time to pack their belongings, leave behind familiar schools and great friends to go to our next base. It’s always a very stressful time. Once we arrived at Scott AFB, we were blessed with the opportunity to chose between public or private schools. Our oldest son was going to Mascoutah High School and we thought that our other children would go to the public school as well. But then we happened upon Holy Childhood School. Our children had not attended a private school before so we were curious about the school and to be honest, the fact that there was bus service to the school was a huge factor for a busy family with 6 kids. We took a tour of the school to meet some of the teachers and to see if HCS was going to be a good fit for our kids. We learned that HCS is one of the most affordable private schools in the area and after praying about it, we decided that Holy Childhood was the place for us. It has been one of the best decisions we have made.

The Holy Childhood family has been very welcoming. We are part of the big Catholic community in Mascoutah. The families, students and teachers are amazing. We love the sports programs that offer the kids small teams with individualized attention. The band and choir programs are fantastic and we enjoy hearing the students sing during daily mass on Tuesdays and Fridays. The class sizes are small and intimate. The students get to know one another and become great friends not only with students in their class but in all the other classes as well. HCS has a wonderful program called “Buddies” where older students are partnered with a younger student. This program fosters love, care, empathy, and understanding while allowing the kids to have a fun time with each other.

On a personal note, I have made many wonderful friends through volunteering at the school. Volunteering leads to being even more involved and aware of my kids activities. Every time I go to the school I have students come up and hug me and say hello. The teachers, secretary, and principal are genuinely glad to see me and appreciate my help however big or small it might be. Holy Childhood is so friendly, welcoming and loving. We love the school and will be very sad to leave.

Please don’t pass on the opportunity of Holy Childhood School without giving it a serious look. I feel passionately that you will love HCS.

Parent Candice

Schedule A Tour

We encourage you to talk to students and parents about their experience at Holy Childhood. We are confident that you will hear that the school delivers on its educational promises.

Schedule your tour today by contacting Mr. Tim Keefe, Principal, at 618-566-2922.

Hear More From Our Students

Being a military child, moving is a pain, and finding new friends and trying to fit in with the flow of a new school is tricky. With Holy Childhood School military children are immediately welcomed. I was soon integrated into the school’s systems and welcomed by the older kids. There are many things that you can be excited about, the sports program, choir, and the teachers all contribute to amazing memories at this school.

The coaches are very open and help teach the sport to students that are interested but have never played before. You can always count on making new friends while playing sports.

Choir is optional for fifth through eighth grade. It is always amazing for someone to come up to a choir member and tell them how good they were that day.

The teachers bring all the classes together and encourage us to be friendly with one another. We get to joke around with them and they get to tell us important information for later in life. They know what you are capable of and push you until you are there.

School should be fun and it is when you know you have people that care all around you, people that make experiences exciting and memorable. Sports, choir, school activities, and the teachers really make the school worth the while. I will never forget the memories and friends I have made here when I move next year and chances are, if you send your kid here, they will not either.

Student – Olivia

When I first came to Holy Childhood I was nervous because I didn’t know anyone, but I made friends fast. There was only one other boy in my class and his name is Abe. I thought it would take a long time to catch on. The teacher started from the beginning just so I could learn from the start. I never really learned English at my old school but the English here is easy for me now. I think the school has changed the way I act around others and my personality. I like to play sports and after a year of sports I got so much better. If you come to Holy Childhood, I think you will really like it!

Student – Ben