Where We Come Together as Family

Holy Childhood School welcomes and values parent, family, staff, faculty involvement. This synergy is a key component to our success.

You are more than just a member of H.O.P.E. You are a member of our Holy Childhood School family. Our family is best when we come together. Our students and faculty come together every day. One important way we come together as parents is through the activities sponsored by H.O.P.E.

Everyone who is a parent or grandparent or a member of the staff/faculty are invited to participate. All you have to do is show up at our monthly meetings.

In addition to being a place where parents come together in support of one another and the overall educational program at Holy Childhood, we also conduct fundraising in support of special programming and activities that benefit our children.

The purpose of this organization is to promote the spiritual enrichment of its members and their families; to foster a closer union between the home and the school; to promote the physical welfare of the children in our school; and to support and give the necessary material aid for the maintenance and improvement of the school so that it may better carry out the purpose of educating our children.

For example, HOPE raises money to purchase educational items for the classes, send the classes on field trips, purchase necessary items for the school, sponsor parties (Fall Festival, Christmas, and School Picnic), etc.

All parents who have children registered in Holy Childhood School, as well as faculty and staff of Holy Childhood School are automatically members of the organization. All Lifetime Members of Holy Childhood Mothers’ Club are members of the organization.

Shelby Brennan, Chair

Carrie Taube, Secretary

Kim Satterfield, Treasurer

Claudia Dougherty, Principal

Regular meetings shall be held 4 times yearly from September to May unless advised otherwise. The time of the meetings shall be at 6:30 p.m., unless announced otherwise. A 50/50 drawing is held at each meeting, wherein members can purchase a ticket for $0.50, and at the end of the meeting, a winner(s) is drawn. At each regular meeting, an attendance trophy is awarded to the class that has the highest percentage of parents in attendance at the meeting. The winning class keeps the “attendance trophy” until the next meeting.

September, 2019

February, 2020

To see the Minutes from the scheduled meeting, click on the date of the meeting above.

There are no dues for membership.

Best Choice Labels – Our club saves “Best Choice” labels from products that can be purchased from the local grocery store, Tom’s Supermarkets. For every 1000 labels that we turn in, our club receives $30.00. In addition, we receive a $30.00 bonus at some point during the school year. What an easy way to make some money for the school!

Box Tops – Our club saves Box Tops for the “Box Top$ For Education” program offered by General Mills. We receive 10¢ in cash for every Box Top we turn in.
Magazine Sales – Our major fundraiser is a magazine program. Each HOPE family is asked to purchase their magazine subscriptions and renewals through “QSP” (a Reader’s Digest Company), as well as to ask friends to purchase their subscriptions. We ask that students and their families do not go door to door selling magazines. Our club receives 40% of the profits from the sales. Our first year we made over $2,000 with only approximately 40 families participating. The last two years we made over $9,000 in a two to three week time frame.

Campbell’s Soup Labels – Our club saves Campbell’s Soup labels for the “Labels For Education” program offered by Campbell’s. We turn in the labels in exchange for school related merchandise.

Chick Fil A – One night a month volunteers help at Chick Fil A. We receive a portion of the sales for the evening.

Playground/Cafeteria Helpers – Parents and grandparents are asked to volunteer a few hours a day, a week, or a month, to help at lunch in the cafeteria and supervise the playground during lunch recesses.  If we can provide volunteers, this frees up more time for our teachers to work on other projects, grade papers, give them a break, etc.

Confirmation Reception – The Room Parent Chairperson coordinates with the 7th Grade Room Parents to sponsor a reception after Confirmation. Snacks and drinks are provided to the Confirmation class and their families.

School Picnic – Each year, our club sponsors the annual School Picnic for all students. The picnic is typically held at school in May with activities to be determined. Club members are encouraged to volunteer as needed.

Skating Party – Each year, our club sponsors a Skating Party for Holy Childhood Students and their Families at Fun Spot Skating Rink, Belleville, Illinois. Skate rental is not included.

President – The President shall preside at all meetings, appoint chairpersons of the Standing Committees, appoint two auditors to audit the books at the end of the club year, sign all official papers and documents of the organization, promote the club to prospective new members, and perform such other duties as are usually attached to the office of President.

First Vice-President – The First Vice-President shall have all the powers and perform all the duties of the President in the absence of the President, shall be chairperson of the Membership Committee, and shall appoint the Finance Chairperson in January.

Second Vice-President – The Second Vice-President shall perform the duties of any office that may be vacant.  He or she shall also be Chairperson of the Public Relations Committee.

Secretary – The Secretary shall keep a record of the proceedings of the organization and Executive Board meetings and submit these minutes at the following meetings.  He or she shall notify the Board members of the date and time of the Executive Board meetings, conduct the correspondence of the organization, notify the membership of special elections, and sign all documents, resolutions and papers of the organization.

Treasurer – The Treasurer shall pay all obligations of the organization after they have been authorized by the members or by the Executive Board, keep a record of all moneys received or disbursed, provide change in containers for all club projects when needed, and present a report of the financial conditions of the organization at all meetings of the organization and the Executive Board.

Executive Board – The Executive Board consists of all officers of the organization, as well as appointed standing committee chairpersons.  The Executive Board shall supervise and promote the activities of the organization.  They may authorize expenditures of the organization not to exceed $100 with exception of Christmas gifts.

Membership – The Membership Chairperson shall promote the attendance of the members at the activities of the organization, keep a record of all members and of their attendance at the meetings, remember members and their immediate families on appropriate occasions (often referred to as the “Sunshine” committee), and appoint assistants as needed.

Social and Program – The Social and Program Committee shall plan programs for the meetings, (including the annual Christmas Party), and assist other club projects at the President’s request.

Public Relations – The Public Relations chairperson shall notify the diocesan and local papers of all special events and shall publicize all club projects.

Finance – The Finance Chairperson shall plan and arrange all financial activities of the organization with the approval of the Executive Board of the general membership, and may form a committee and delegate the responsibility of any project to one or more members of this committee

Refreshments – The Refreshment Committee shall plan and arrange for the serving of refreshments at the monthly meetings and other club projects.  Each month several parents from a designated class are asked to either donate snacks or drinks for the meetings (for example, parents of the 7th grade class may be asked to bring snacks for the October meeting).

Room Parents – The Room Parents Committee shall consist of a chairperson and a parent(s) representing each class.  The committee shall arrange, supervise or assist at assigned school projects, and plan and supervise the annual Christmas Party and School Picnic.  Room parents will also be responsible for communicating with the class teacher to assist in finding chaperones for field trips, finding volunteers to help with playground duty, etc.

HOPE shall also establish committees and/or sponsor the following as necessary: Pro-Life Liaison, Baby/Raffle quilts, Library, Officer Nominations, Athletic Banquet, Vacation Bible School, Sergeant at Arms, Auditors, Beta Banquet and School Uniforms.

Our Parish Renewal Prayer says it all: Holy Spirit, open our minds and hearts to receive your wisdom. Give us the courage to become more like Jesus in all that we do and say. Amen.