Mrs. Paquin

I am in my 40th year at Holy Childhood School. This has really been my home away from home, since I am a Holy Childhood graduate, as well as my father and daughter. I graduated from Blackburn College with a B.A. in Elementary Education and concentrations in Spanish and Psychology. It has really been a lot of fun seeing the children of  my former students come through my classroom!!

My husband, Brett, and I have a daughter, Elizabeth, and son-in-law, Trevor. I am the proud grandmother of Liam and Samuel.

I enjoy reading, cooking, gardening, and spoiling my grandsons!


3rd- St. Francis Xavier

6th- St. Nicholas Day- put out shoes or stockings the night before

8th- The Immaculate Conception of Mary

9th- St. Juan Diego

12th- Our Lady of Guadalupe

13th- St. Lucy Day

16th- Christmas concert K- 4th students

20th- Last day of school

21st- 3rd- Christmas break

MATH- we are now working on place value- tens and ones to 100. Continue to practice addition and subtraction flashcards.

PHONICS/READING/WRITING – the class will be starting on words using long “i”. They will use the patterns of -i-e, -y, -igh and -ie. We will also review our long “a” work.

READING COUNTS – The class has been doing a great job taking tests at home. We have some competitions going on in class!  Your child does not have to read the story to you unless it is on their level. Right now I just want them to get hooked on reading. You may read the stories, your child may read to you or you can do a shared reading for these books. These tests are very good practice for reading comprehension right now. As the year goes on more students will be able to take tests on their own. You may use any books you have at home or use the books your child checks out from the library, or from my classroom library. You will have to check to be sure it has a test in the system. We don’t have tests for all Scholastic books.

PLEASE watch for proper formation and neatness of all letters/numbers as your child writes. Make sure letters are not started at the bottom. Watch for reversals and correct them as they occur. Have your child “pinch” the pencil, not write with their thumb wrapped around their first finger. I have noticed  children needing to work on holding pencils correctly.

RELIGION- we have been working on a nativity scene each day by reading the Christmas story little by little and making the characters to go along with it. Please send in empty T.P. tubes for this project.

SOCIAL STUDIES- the class has been learning about Christmas Around the World.

SCIENCE- we are reading about Big Cats and working on a research project to go along.

TEST- October 20th

(Two more words have been added.)

Test words- bake, Dale, fade, game, Jane, vane, trade, stare, plane, quake, Yale, glaze

Bonus Words – Elise and Bethlehem

Please practice words nightly. Be sure your child practices writing letters the correct size and no reversals. Every quarter 2 more words will be added to the list.

Go to for some fun ways to practice spelling words.

Please be sure that your child brings 2 snacks each day.

I will hand out Reading Counts prize coupons on Monday. Your child may use them for the next two weeks. Some have already earned special clothing coupons! Way to go 1st graders!!!!

I sent home the information about Reading Counts. Please reach out if you have any questions. Hopefully we will have some time with our Buddies to help take more tests. I would like 2 tests to be passed each week for now.

Check red folders and make sure your child completes their work in them and can hand it in the next morning.

PLEASE sign off in the planners only AFTER homework is COMPLETED. If there is a reason work could not be done please, please send me a note. If you need help with work let me know and it will be taken care of here at school. Help your children remember to bring back ALL of their work. Do not remove papers from their red folders unless you ask them if they should be brought back.

Set up a routine for your children to pack up their work, folders, planners, and snacks every evening. Make it part of their nightly chores. Do not wait to do it in the morning. Thank you! – try this out to practice spelling words in creative ways – this has a nice section to practice counting money – students can practice making and reading short and long vowel sentences for you in the word magnets section. – another neat site to explore.