Mrs. Paquin

I am in my 35th year at Holy Childhood School. This has really been my home away from home, since I am a Holy Childhood graduate, as well as my father and daughter. I graduated from Blackburn College with a B.A. in Elementary Education and concentrations in Spanish and Psychology.

I am married to my husband, Brett, and have a daughter, Elizabeth, and son-in-law, Trevor. I am the proud grandmother of my first grandchild Liam.

I enjoy reading, cooking, and spoiling my grandson!



17th- 3rd Sunday of Advent

19th- Buddies pizza party

20th- Christmas parties

21st- 1st day of Christmas break

MATH –  Keep up the addition and subtraction flash cards practice to 12, and IXL at least 15 minutes every weekend. We finished working on data and graphs, tally marks, pictographs, picture graphs, mode, median and range. Next we will start our chapter on place value using groups of tens and ones to show numbers to 100.

PHONICS/READING/WRITING -We have been working on long “a” words. Long “a” can be made using -a-e, -ai-and -ay. Last week we worked on long “i” words. These can be made by using these rules: -i-e, -ie, -igh-,  and -y. Now we will add the long “o” sound. This sound can be made by using -o-e,      -oa-, -oe, -o, -oo-, -ou-, and -old. Help remind your child to look for these when letter combinations when sounding out words in their stories. Please continue to watch for proper formation of all letters as your child writes. Have your child “pinch” the pencil, not write with their thumb wrapped around their first finger.

I sent home a sheet for reading the other short vowel stories on the website. Please have your child read several every night until they have completed the list. Return the list after you have signed off as each group of short vowel stories is covered. Please work on these nightly as a list for long vowels will be sent by Christmas break.

RELIGION- We read about the Immaculate Conception of Mary, St. Francis Xavier, St. Nicholas, St. Ambrose and St. Juan Diego.We are also working on advent and our nativity storybook, and characters that go along with each page.

SOCIAL STUDIES– we will be learning about Christmas around the world this month. If anyone has Christmas items from another country please consider sending them in to share with us. This week we read about Australia, Germany and Italy. We played bingo using Christmas vocabulary in German, tried chocolates from Germany and panettone from Italy. This week we will learn about Sweden and the U.K.


Test-  Our next test will be December 20th

Test words- five, dime, pine, wife, drive, slime, trike, my, try, fly, shy, dry

BONUS WORDS- Hana, Bethlehem and reindeer

Please practice words nightly. Be sure your child practices writing letters the correct size. Every quarter 2 more words will be added to the list.

Go to for some fun ways to practice spelling words.

IXL will be up all year. Have your children practice weekly. I would like weekend homework to be some time on IXL. Also use the site for some math practice.

READING COUNTS- Library book check out is on Tuesday afternoon every week. The class will bring home books to read with or to you. Please be sure to read the books your children bring home several times with them so they are ready for their tests on Mondays. Upper grade students will help them take reading comprehension tests over the stories. They will earn points to use as “money” to buy items in the library store. They will also make it to “team levels” as they pass certain amounts of tests. Help your child remember to bring their books back.

PLEASE sign off in the planners only if homework is COMPLETED.  We will start them next week. If there is a reason work could not be done please, please send me a note. If you need help with work let me know and it will be taken care of here at school. Please help your children remember to bring back ALL of their work

Extra books will be coming home as homework for your children. We have Monday Bible stories and at least one other day each week will be stories from the themes of the month, or subjects we are covering. Be sure to read these with your child as there are activities involved with the stories.

PLEASE help your children pack up their work, folders, planners, and snacks every evening. Make it part of their nightly chores. Thank you!!

Please be sure to send in your child’s All About Me poster if you have not already done so. Thank you!

We will be needing empty T.P. rolls for our advent project which we will be working on during the next few weeks. – try this out to practice spelling words in creative ways – this has a nice section to practice counting money – students can practice making and reading short and long vowel sentences for you in the word magnets section. – another neat site to explore.