Mrs. Paquin

I am in my 36th year at Holy Childhood School. This has really been my home away from home, since I am a Holy Childhood graduate, as well as my father and daughter. I graduated from Blackburn College with a B.A. in Elementary Education and concentrations in Spanish and Psychology.

My husband, Brett, and I have a daughter, Elizabeth, and son-in-law, Trevor. I am the proud grandmother of Liam and Samuel.

I enjoy reading, cooking, and spoiling my grandsons!


19th- St. Joseph’s Day

21st- Feeding God’s People

28th-  Report Cards


5th- Variety

18th-22nd- Easter Break


3rd- Buddy trip to Grant’s Farm

7th- 1st & 2nd trip to the Butterfly House

10th- 1st grade Good-Bye Buddy mass

MATH – we started working on telling time to the half hour and hour last week. Our chapter also covers times of the year- days, months, weeks, parts of the day. We will continue to review counting coins, and  have addition and subtraction drills.

PHONICS/READING/WRITING – we have been practicing words using the digraphs sh, th, ch, and wh. We also practiced words using ph, gn, kn, wr and -ck last week. This week will be odd vowel sounds like -oo-, -ow, -ou-, -aw, -ew, -ea-, -oi-, and -oy.

Be sure to have your child practice their reading stories more than once if they are not fluent the first time through. Please ask questions about what they just read, and summarize the story when done.

Continue to watch for proper formation and neatness of all letters/numbers as your child writes. Watch for reversals and correct them as they occur.  Have your child “pinch” the pencil, not write with their thumb wrapped around their first finger. 

RELIGION-  We have been discussing the readings we hear in church on Tuesdays and Fridays, as well as the saints of the week. We have been learning about the Stations of the Cross and recite the stations once a week, on Thursday, at 12:35.

SOCIAL STUDIES- We will be learning about famous women in America’s history this month.




   Test-  Our next test is March 20th.

Test words– corn, fork, short, sport, Lord, thorn, porch, order, fern, herd, Bert, jerk, hamster, letter, sister, verb

BONUS WORDS–  Veronica and daffodils


Please practice words nightly. Be sure your child practices writing letters the correct size and no reversals. Every quarter 2 more words will be added to the list.

Go to for some fun ways to practice spelling words.


IXL will be up all year. Have your children practice during the week and over the weekend. It is their assigned homework over every weekend.

READING COUNTS- Library book check out is on Tuesday afternoon every week. They may also use my books all year long. The class is off to a great start with their test taking this quarter!! I am very impressed with their progress. Read the books several times. If you feel your child picked too difficult of a book just grab one you have at home. Check the library link to see if the book has a test. Do not wait until Sunday evening to read the book for the first time. Thank you!

PLEASE sign off in the planners only AFTER homework is COMPLETED. If there is a reason work could not be done please, please send me a note. If you need help with work let me know and it will be taken care of here at school. Help your children remember to bring back ALL of their work. Do not remove papers from their red folders unless you ask them if they should be brought back.

Set up a routine for your children to pack up their work, folders, planners, and snacks every evening. Make it part of their nightly chores. Do not wait to do it in the morning. Thank you!

We will be doing a routine to the song “Centerfield” for the Variety Show. Your child will need to wear a baseball/t-ball shirt and shorts. A Cardinals shirt will do if you don’t have a team shirt, or I can ask the second graders if we could borrow one of theirs. We will be ordering shirts for the Buddy song and they will cost about $7. More info to come about it.

Our field trips are now planned. If you have not completed all of the child training components by now you will not be allowed to chaperone. Check with Mrs. Dougherty if you have any questions. – try this out to practice spelling words in creative ways – this has a nice section to practice counting money – students can practice making and reading short and long vowel sentences for you in the word magnets section. – another neat site to explore.