Mrs. Olson

My name is Mrs. Olson.  I live in Trenton, IL with my husband, Eric and our dog, Coco.  I enjoy traveling, crocheting, walking and exploring new places.

I enjoy teaching at Holy Childhood and love being a part of the school.

February 17th – No School

February 20th – Feeding God’s People

February 26th – Ash Wednesday

English – Pronouns and Subject Pronouns

Math –  Time

Phonics –  Blends with L, S, and Compound Word Review

Reading – Life Cycle of a Pumpkin

Religion – Lent

Science -Weather Changes

Social Studies – Citizens Follow Rules and Laws

Spelling – Test Friday

Week Of February 24th – February 28th – Subtraction Facts

Monday, Febuary 24th –  study Spelling and Math page

Tuesday, February 25th-  study Spelling, finish Math page 217-318 and read Life Cycle of  a Pumpkin

Wednesday, February 26th –  study Spelling and Math page

Thursday, February 27th – study Spelling and finish Math page 319-320 (we will read Life Cycle of a Pumpkin in class)

Friday, February 28th – Spelling Test  (we will have Reading test next week)

disappear           dishonest             reheat               unbutton           disagree

unable                 rewrite                 replay                uncover            rewind

react                     until                     dislike               replace             unknown

redo                      under                  understand      discourage       reply

BONUS:  miniature and nutrition

bumpy, fruit, harvest, root, smooth, soil, vine