Mrs. Olson

My name is Mrs. Olson.  I live in Trenton, IL with my husband, Eric and our dog, Coco.  I enjoy traveling, crocheting, walking and exploring new places.

I enjoy teaching at Holy Childhood and love being a part of the school.

March 17th – St. Patrick’s Day

March 22nd – $1.00 St. Patrick’s Day shirt and jeans

March 26th – 28th – No Buses

March 29th – Easter break begins

April 13th – First Communion practice – 4:00 p.m. in church

English – Possessive Pronouns/Exclamatory Sentences

Math – Test March 21st/Begin fractions

Phonics –  ou, ow,

Reading – The First Tortilla

Religion – The Liturgy of the Eucharist

Science – Weather and The Water Cycle

Social Studies – Many Jobs

Spelling – Test Friday

Week Of March 19th – March 23rd  *Math Facts Each Night

Monday, March 19th – Reading page and Math page/Study Science and Spelling

Tuesday, March 20th – Math practice test and Reading page

Wednesday, March 21st – Math test; study Spelling,  practice Cursive words

Thursday, March 22nd – read The First Tortilla and study Spelling

Friday, March 23rd – Spelling and Reading Test









daisy, bicycle, vase, distance, plastic, service, zipper, yesterday, reuse, fashion, sense, photograph, does, license, closet, season, enough, sincerely, citizen

awaken, cliffs, mountain, prize, rainbow, suffer, volcano