Mrs. Olson

My name is Mrs. Olson.  I live in Trenton, IL with my husband, Eric and our dog, Coco.  I enjoy traveling, walking my dog, and exploring new places.

I enjoy teaching at Holy Childhood and love being a part of the school.

March 16 – Pep Rally APEX  Fun Run

March 19 – Feeding God’s People

March 25 – APEX Fun Run

March 26 – Report Cards/Reconciliation grades 2 – 8

English – Possessive Pronouns and Exclamatory Sentences

Math –  Triple Digit Addition and Subtraction

Phonics –  Consonant Digraphs

Reading – The Night the Moon Fell

Religion – Liturgy of the Eucharist and responses during Mass

Science -Day and Night

Social Studies – Governments Around the World

Spelling – Test Friday

Week Of March 16th – March 20th  – Subtraction Facts

Monday, March 16th –  study Spelling and practice telling time

Tuesday, March 17th-  study Spelling  and read The Night the Moon Fell

Wednesday, March 18th –  study Spelling and Math page

Thursday, March 19th – study Spelling and read the Night the Moon Fell

Friday, March 20th – study new Spelling words

boyhood             daydream          football            oatmeal              railroad

roadway              sailboat             window            chapter               rattle

cowboy                downstairs        houseboat       outplay               rainbow

soybean               picnic                 robot                downtown         shuttle

BONUS:  sanitize and communication

balance, canyons, coral, rattle, sway, slivers, whisper