Mrs. Olson

My name is Mrs. Olson.  I live in Trenton, IL with my husband, Eric and our dog, Coco.  I enjoy traveling, crocheting, walking and exploring new places.

I enjoy teaching at Holy Childhood and love being a part of the school.

March 28th – Report Cards

April 4th –  Reconciliation 2nd – 8th grade

April 12th – Banners Due for First Communion

English – Helping Verbs and sentences and fragments

Phonics -vowel blends

Reading – The Night the Moon Fell

Religion – God Calls Us to Love and Serve

Science – Changes in Weather

Social Studies – Our Government

Spelling – Test Friday

Week Of March 25th- March March 28th *Math Facts Each Night

Monday, March 25th –  Math page and study Spelling

Tuesday, March 26th –  study Spelling and read The Night the Moon Fell

Wednesday, March 27th –  Math page and Reading page

Thursday, March 28th – Study Spelling and read The Night the Moon Fell

Friday, March 29th  – Spelling Test and Reading test







downstairs             football            cowboy           houseboat          railroad

rainbow                  boyhood           oatmeal          soybean              roadway

outplay                    daydream        downtown      raincoat             cookout

freeway                    landmark         someone        upset                   friendship

balance           canyons            coral            rattle              slivers          sway        whisper