Mrs. Barttelbort

Welcome to third grade at Holy Childhood School!  It is an honor to have your child as a member of our class this year.  This is my sixth year teaching third grade at HCS.  Prior to Holy Childhood, I taught for St. Louis Public Schools for 10 years.  My husband and I are the proud parents of one daughter who is an 8th grade student here at HCS.  We spend a lot of time attending sporting events and cheering on the Apaches.  In my free time I like to work in the yard, read a good book, take care of our new puppy and pet chickens, and clean house (yes, you read correctly).  🙂

**Monday,  April 19:

**Tuesday,  April 20:  Mass at church; timed multiplication test

**Wednesday, April 21:  “Fly, Eagle, Fly” comprehension and vocabulary test; Spelling word list test; chapter 12 Religion test

**Thursday, April 22:  virtual mass in classroom

**Friday, April 23:  timed multiplication fact test; Spelling vocabulary test


Math: chapter 19 – long division

Reading: “Jalapeno Bagels”

Science:  Space

Social Studies: American symbols

Religion: Chapter 12:  God Calls Us to Holiness

Shurley: Chapter 5:  classifying sentences; noun job chart; singular/plural nouns; common/proper nouns; preposition; object of the preposition; SCS, SCV, S, F 

Writing:  narrative writing – unplugged world (no electronics)  

Cursive:  capital letters and words

  1. ceiling
  2. neither
  3. receive
  4. receipt
  5. neighbor
  6. weight
  7. weigh
  8. eightieth
  9.  either
  10. leisure
  11. deceive
  12. neighborly
  13. eighteen
  14. protein
  15. sleigh
  16. deceitful
  17. height
  18. freight
  19. conceited
  20. featherweight            bonus word:  jalapeno bagels