Mrs. Barttelbort

Welcome to my bio page!  My husband, John, and I live on a farm with our daughter, Ava.  She is also a student here at Holy Childhood.  As parents, we chose this school for its solid Catholic foundation and excellent academics.  As a teacher, I chose this school because I was impressed with its academic rigor when my daughter was first enrolled as a student.

I come from a large Catholic family, being the 6th of 7 children.  I am a graduate of McKendree University.  Prior to Holy Childhood, I taught for St. Louis Public Schools for 10 years and then was a stay-at-home-mom for a few years after our daughter was born.  Returning to work, in particular joining Holy Childhood, was one of the best decisions I’ve made.

Monday, October 16:

Tuesday, October 17:

Wednesday, October 18:  Spelling test

Thursday, October 19:  “Penguin Chick” Reading comprehension and vocabulary test

Friday, October 20:  Religion Chapter 4 Test


Math:  Chapter 3 – Addition Properties and Strategies

Reading:  basal story  “Penguin Chick”

Science: Penguin unit

Social Studies:  Studies Weekly, Week 6:  Good Citizens

Religion:  Chapter 4 -The Church Begins

Shurley:  Chapter 2

Writing:  working on 2nd informative paper:  (writing conferences, final drafts, and illustrations)

Cursive:  continuing with the lowercase letters 

  1. finish
  2. silent
  3. focus
  4. resident
  5. pilot
  6. rapid
  7. robot
  8. spinach
  9. even
  10. female
  11. tulip
  12. climate
  13. wagon
  14. lemon
  15. camel
  16. tradition
  17. music
  18. pupil
  19. salad
  20. innocent                       bonus word:  tobogganing

These words should be written in your child’s planner.  The words this week have the V/CV or VC/V syllables.