Mrs. Barttelbort

Hello, and welcome to the third grade at Holy Childhood School!  It is an honor to have your child as a member of my class this year.  I am a graduate of McKendree University.  Prior to Holy Childhood, I taught for St. Louis Public Schools for 10 years.  My husband, daughter, and myself live on a nearby farm.   Our daughter is also a student here at HCS, so I enjoy attending Apache sporting events.

Monday,  January 14:  X

Tuesday, January 15:  Reading comprehension and vocabulary test over “How Do You Raise a Raisin”; Spelling test

Wednesday, January 16:  Religion chapter 10 test

Thursday, January 17:  Feeding God’s People at 7:30 in the cafeteria; Spirit Wear Day!

Friday, January 18:  Math chapter 8 test


Math: Chapter 8 – tally charts and line graphs; mean, median, and mode

Reading: “How Do You Raise a Raisen?”

Phonics:   suffixes

Science: Chapter 2, Lesson 3:  From Parent to Young

Social Studies:  Chapter 3, Lesson 1 – America’s First People

Religion: Chapter 10 – The Church Prays

Shurley:  Pattern 1, consisting of SN,V, Adv, Adj, A, singular/plural nouns, common/proper nouns, noun job box

Writing:  opinion writing – Favorite School Subject

Cursive:   lowercase letters

  1.  puppies
  2. railways
  3. kidneys
  4. hobbies
  5. journeys
  6. memories
  7. keys
  8. varieties
  9. valleys
  10. skies
  11. families
  12. countries
  13. trays
  14. flies
  15. surveys
  16. supplies
  17. delays
  18. parties
  19. essays
  20. candies
  21. always
  22. mountain
  23. slouch
  24. responsibilities
  25. opportunities

bonus word:

Each of this list’s words (with the exception of 21-23)