Mrs. Barttelbort

Hello, and welcome to the third grade at Holy Childhood School!  It is an honor to have your child as a member of my class this year.  I am a graduate of McKendree University.  Prior to Holy Childhood, I taught for St. Louis Public Schools for 10 years.  My husband, daughter, and myself live on a nearby farm.   Our daughter is also a student here at HCS, so I enjoy attending Apache sporting events.

Monday,  April 29:  X

Tuesday, April 30:  fact tests; tornado presentation; supplies for science reports due

Wednesday, May 1:  spelling test; Spring Concert @ 7:00

Thursday, May 2: Shurley chapter 8 test

Friday, May 3:  X


Math: Chapter 25 – Fractions

Reading: “Flat Stanley” novel study

Science: animal reports 

Social Studies:  Chapter 4, Lesson 1:  The American Government

Religion: Chapter 18

Shurley:  Chapter 8, consisting of  SN,V, Adv, Adj, A, noun job box, conjunctions, (You)SP, compound adjectives, compound adverbs, compound subject nouns, helping verbs, interjections, possessive noun adjectives, direct objects, and verb-transitive

Writing:  My Easter Break:  writing conferences and final drafts 

Cursive:  uppercase letters

  1. porcupine
  2. afford
  3. morning
  4. argue
  5. apartment
  6. urgent
  7. splurge
  8. circular
  9. search
  10. sharpen
  11. purse
  12. creature
  13. picture
  14. according
  15. tomorrow
  16. pardon
  17. modern
  18. nature
  19. service
  20. surround
  21. unequal
  22. rearrange
  23. incorrect
  24. permanent
  25. emergency

bonus word:

Each of this list’s words (with the exception of 21-23) have r-controlled vowels.