Miss Amann

Welcome to fourth grade! My name is Miss Amann, and I am so excited to be teaching at Holy Childhood of Jesus. My family and I have had the greatest pleasure of being a part of Holy Childhood School for many years. After graduating from Holy Childhood in 2009, I attended Mascoutah High School, SWIC, and finally Maryville University of St. Louis where I earned my Bachelor’s degree in 2018. I am looking forward to sharing my love of learning with all of my students this year and the years to come!

Feb. 26 – Ash Wednesday Mass

Feb. 28 – Stations of the Cross after Mass

Mar. 5 – HOPE

Mar. 13 – Professional Day: 11:30 Dismissal. End of 3rd Quarter.

Mar. 19 – Feeding God’s People. Spirit Wear.

Monday – 

Reading Test on Seeker of Knowledge

Spelling Test on Consonants /j/, /ks/, and /kw/


Tuesday – 

Religion Test (Ch. 12)


Wednesday – 


Mass (Ash Wednesday)


Thursday – 



Friday – 

Reading Test on Encyclopedia Brown

Spelling Test on Prefixes un-, dis-, and in-

Religion – 

The Mass (Introductory Rites, Liturgy of the Word, Liturgy of the Eucharist, Concluding Rites)



Reading – 

Unit 4 Week 5: Encyclopedia Brown

  • Skill/Strategy: Character and Plot
  • Spelling: Prefixes un-, dis-, and in-
  • Word Analysis: Greek Prefixes amphi- and anti-
  • Vocabulary Strategy: Synonyms and Antonyms

Language Arts – 

Shurley English: Persuasive Writing


Math – 

Multiplication and Functions Ch. 10


Science – 

Physical Science – Matter


Social Studies – 

The Southeast

Spelling Words:

  1. reaction
  2. prerecorded
  3. incorrectly
  4. incredibly
  5. disobedient
  6. disagreeable
  7. refreshment
  8. unbreakable
  9. declaration
  10. retirement
  11. misdialed
  12. undefined
  13. unhappily
  14. watchfully
  15. gleefully
  16. sportsmanship
  17. repayment
  18. questionable
  19. displacement
  20. midshipman

Challenge Words:

  1. multicultural
  2. universally
  3. understatement
  4. outlandish
  5. inflammable