Would you like to volunteer?

You MUST complete these prerequisites:

1. Attend an Initial Child Protection Training class. These classes are presented throughout the school year at various locations in the Belleville Diocese. (Diocesan Child Protection Website)

2. Complete the Child Protection Training Refresher Course each year that you plan to volunteer. (Refresher Login)

3. Complete the Illinois Department of Children & Family Services Authorization for Background Check (CANTS) form. (Please contact the School or Rectory Office for the form).

4. Complete the Application for Volunteer Service form. (Please contact the School or Rectory Office for the form)

5. A criminal investigation is required for any volunteers in leadership positions, or those who have lived in Illinois for less than 5 years. (Please contact the School or Rectory Office for the form)

All children have the right to be safe and protected from harm in any and all environments- home, school, religious institutions, neighborhoods and communities. The Catholic Diocese of Belleville (the “Diocese”) embraces this right to safety and is dedicated to promoting and ensuring the protection of all children. The Diocese will do all in its power to create a safe environment for children and young people, to prevent their physical abuse, sexual abuse and neglect and to bring the healing ministry of the Diocese to bear wherever possible. It is the expectation of the Diocese that all individuals and entities under its auspices comply with the provisions stated in this policy.” – Excerpt from the Introduction to the Child Protection Policy of the Diocese of Belleville, IL

To see the entire Child Protection Policy for the Diocese of Belleville, click here. For information on Faith’s Law, Illinois Public Act 102-0676, click here.