Mrs. Raben

Welcome and blessings to you! I am very happy to be a part of this wonderful school.  I have a great love for mathematics and look forward to imparting as much of that love as possible to my students! Join me in this QUEST!

8th Grade Homeroom

*Dec 21-Jan 2- Christmas break

*Jan 27th – REAP Retreat in the parish center 11-4 (attendance is mandatory)

*Feb 16th-18th LUKE 18 weekend Retreat!! Fun times!

*March 2nd- Variety Show

*April 26-27 – Chicago Trip

*May 5th (Saturday) – Confirmation 4:00 pm at Holy Childhood Church

*May 13th – Graduation Mass 2:00 pm

We will have a  Chpt 12 TEST  in We Live Our Faith on Monday 12-4 .

Confirmation Timeline

(Due dates 2017-2018)


October 27th

Sponsor name is due AND

The information sheet from the confirmation packet

November 5th – Rite of Enrollment during 10:30 Mass

November 17th

Saint Name must be turned in (religion grade)

January 27th (Saturday) mandatory

Retreat at Holy Childhood  – REAP Team

February 24th

Letter to Bishop Braxton (religion grade)

March 23rd

Saint Report due (religion grade)

April 20th

*Shield is due (religion grade)

*Service hours must be complete and record sheets turned in (they may be turned in early)

Here is a great link to a LifeTeen list of many many potential Saint names🙂

We will be having a combined Confirmation with our Parish Partnership which includes St. Libory and Fayetteville.


We are ready for a Chapter 4 TEST soon. As long as we stay on track, we will have the test on Friday, December 8th.

***NOTICE*** Chpt 4 Test will now be on Monday, December 11th. 

We are finishing Chpt 4 which covers solving one and two step algebra equations and inequalities. The chapter ends with graphing lines and learning about slope.

As long as we stay on track, the Chapter 4 TEST will be on Friday, December 8th.

We are in Chapter 4 which covers:

Rate of Change, slope, solving proportions, similar polygons with proportions, scale drawings, indirect measurement, and dilation.

The Chapter 4 Test will be Friday, December 8th. 

We are working in chapter 6 which covers:

ratios, rates, proportions, dimensional analysis, scale drawings, revisits fractions, percents and decimal conversion, percent proportions, percent equations, percent of change and a bit of probability at the end.

We should be able to finish this complete chapter before break. We will have a test on Tuesday, December 19th on whatever we have covered in Chapter 6 by that point. There will be a test on the 19th for certain.

Newest info will be at the top of the page:

11-30-17 – new info – Unit 4 Target 1 & 2 Quiz tomorrow. Next week we will cover solving systems of equations using Elimination, then review graphing inequalities with 2 variables. A quiz on those two skills will be on Monday Dec. 11th. Next we will begin our 4 day REVIEW for the FINAL EXAM. Review days will be Dec 13, 14, 15 and 18. The EXAM will be on Dec. 19th from 8:15-10:15. No extra time may be given for this test. A strict time limit of 2 hours will be observed.

11-13 -17 Quiz on Targets 4 & 5  Unit 3 test on 11-15-17

9-21-17 Khan academy video exp. growth and decay

We have begun Unit 2 which will cover:

linear and exponential functions

8/30  video link Interval Notation – Domain and Range

Discrete vs Continuous video


***QUIZ on Targets 1 & 2 will be next Tuesday 8-29***


*We have begun Unit 1 which will cover:

Functions and relations

function notation, domain and range, identifying key features of graphical models

link for notes to be completed on 8-22-17 click here

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