Mrs. Raben

Welcome, and blessings to you! I am very happy to be a part of this wonderful school.  I have a great love for mathematics and look forward to imparting as much of that love as possible to my students! Join me in this QUEST!

8th Grade Homeroom

  • April 23rd – Confirmation Shield is due. Hobby Lobby is a great resource for supplies. SERVICE HOURS and all paperwork for them will also be due today. That can always be turned in early.

*April 26-27 – Chicago Trip

* May 4th – We will have a combined practice with all of our confirmandi from all of our partnership parishes. It will begin at 6:30 and will likely last 1 1/2 hours.

*May 5th (Saturday) – Confirmation 4:00 pm at Holy Childhood Church

*May 13th – Graduation Mass 2:00 pm

4-6-18 We have now moved into our Confirmation Textbook “The Spirit Sets Us Free” in preparation for the big day on Saturday, May 5th.

3-19-18 We will have a Chpt 17 test on Wednesday, March 21st from the We Live Our Faith Textbook.

3-7-18 The Letter to the Bishop was due today. We have gone back to the We Live Our Faith textbook for a couple of chapters before we tackle the Confirmation text book. The Saint report will be due April 6th. They will get a rubric tomorrow.

We have worked in the Family Life book for the last few weeks and have completed it!

I have discussed the criteria for the Letter to the Bishop. I have changed the due date to March 7th. Click on the Packet tab to find details about how to write this letter. Students will turn it in for editing by me as many times as necessary to get it ‘perfect’. Final copies must be completed by March 16th so they can be sent to the Bishop. He DOES read these letters:)

While they are working on the letter, we will go to the Confirmation book we have titled “The Spirit Sets Us Free”. Much like the Family Life book, we will have a written assignment with each chapter, but no tests. This will carry us through well beyond the beginning of March.

Confirmation Timeline

(Due dates 2017-2018)


October 27th

Sponsor name is due AND

The information sheet from the confirmation packet

November 5th – Rite of Enrollment during 10:30 Mass

November 17th

Saint Name must be turned in (religion grade)

January 27th (Saturday) mandatory

Retreat at Holy Childhood  – REAP Team

February 24th

Letter to Bishop Braxton (religion grade)

March 23rd

Saint Report due (religion grade)

April 20th

*Shield is due (religion grade)

*Service hours must be complete and record sheets turned in (they may be turned in early)

Here is a great link to a LifeTeen list of many many potential Saint names🙂

We will be having a combined Confirmation with our Parish Partnership which includes St. Libory and Fayetteville.


4-6 We had our Chpt 8 test today and will begin Chpt 9 next week. We will begin some ‘official’ algebra skills as we learn about many of the basic properties. We will cover one step equations involving addition, subtraction, and multiplication. The test will likely be April 30th or May 1st.

3-19-18 We are working in Chapter 8 learning to add, subtract, multiply and divide integers. The Chapter 8 Test will be the week after Easter.

3-7-18 Our Chapter 7 Test will be on Monday, March 12th.

2-20-18 We have begun Chapter 7 which concentrates on multiplying and dividing fractions and mixed numbers. It is a relatively short chapter. Look for a test around March 7th.

2-12- 18 Still on track – test tomorrow:)

2-2-18 We are working in Chapter 6 which is all about our friends … fractions and mixed numbers. We will work with adding and subtracting them.

The Chpt 6 Test will be on Tuesday, Feb. 13th as long as we stay on track.

4-11-18 – We have been delayed and the date for the Chapt 8 test is currently set for Wednesday, April 18th.

4-6-18 Chapter 8 has begun. We are learning to use percents in different ways: sales tax, discounts, and percent of change. If we stay on track we will have a test on Chapter 8 on April 16th.

3-19-18 We will have been working with percents, fractions and decimals in Chapter 7. The test will be Friday, March 23rd.

3-7-18 We are working on Chapter 7 which includes ratios, proportions, and scale drawings.

2-20-18 Our Chpt 6 test has been moved to Thursday, Feb. 22nd as indicated in my Fast Direct email to the parents last week.

2-2-18 We are working in Chapter 6 which covers working with adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions and mixed numbers. It also uses these skills in conjunction with Perimeter, Area, and Circumference.

The Chpt 6 test will most likely be Wednesday, Feb. 21st.

4-6-18 Looks like that last test over material in Chapter 7 will be on Wednesday, April 11th.  We covered the last new material today.

3-19-18 We continue to work in Chapter 7 and are now focusing on Volume of prisms, pyramids, cylinders, and cones. Lots of formulas! We will have a test on lessons 4-8 after Easter.

3-7-18 We will have a Quiz on Monday that will cover material from lessons 1-3 of Chpt 7.

2-20-18 We are a day behind, so Quiz 1 is now scheduled for Monday, 2-26. Students will need to have memorized the area formulas for parallelograms, rectangles, triangles and trapezoids for this quiz and for the end of chapter test.


Chapter 7 will be taken slowly with a lot of extra worksheets and hands on tasks to help the students understand and use the formulas for two dimensional shapes. This chapter will be split into several quizzes andtests.

Quiz 1 will cover only lesson 1 on the area of rectangles, parallelograms, triangle, and trapezoids. This test will be on Friday, February 23rd.

Test 2 – Please check back after 2-23 for more info

4-6-18 Chapter 9 has some geometry skills. We are learning about angle measures, classifying angles and triangles, the Pythagorean Theorem, the midpoint formula, and using indirect measurement with similar triangles. If we can stay on track we will have a test on Wednesday, April 25th.

3-19-18 We are finishing up Chapter 8 and will have a test on Wednesday, March 21st.

3-7-18 We are working on the PETS problems now and will press on with the rest of the chapter beginning next week.

2-20-18 The last test we did was actually only over lessons 1-6 of chapter 8. We will now delve into the PETS method of working with lines  from plots, equations, tables and stories. This will be followed by best fit lines, solving systems of equations by graphing and by substitution. The chapter ends with graphing inequalities. It is likely that we will test on the entirety of Chpt 8 by mid March.


We are finishing up chapter 8 which focuses on graphing lines by plotting points, using intercepts, and the slope intercept formula.

We will have a Chpt 8 Test on Thursday, February 15th.

4-6-18 We are learning how to find maximums/minimums and zeroes of parabolas. Even Angry Birds are helping us learn! We will have a Target 3&4 quiz on Wednesday, April 11th. After that we will continue to learn more by studying the Standard form for quadratic equations. A Unit test on this material will hopefully be on Friday, April 20th.

3-19-18 We have begun to delve more deeply into graphing quadratic equations using ‘vertex form’. There will be a Target 1&2 Quiz on Friday, March 23rd.

3-7-18 We will have a Unit  Test on Monday, March 12th.

2-20-18 After our work with radicals we will learn  ‘completing the square’ and the quadratic formula. The next quiz over this material is tentatively set for Thursday, March 1st. This is the last quiz before the Unit 6 Test which will likely be Tuesday, March 6th.

2-12 -18 The Unit 5 targets 3 & 4 Quiz will be on 2-13. After that we will work on simplifying radicals and rationalizing denominators.

1-17-18  the Target 4 quiz will be on Thursday, Jan 18, the next day we will review ALL of Unit 4 and have a full Unit 4 Test on Monday, Jan. 22nd.

1-9-18 We continue in Unit 4. We are now learning linear programming which is the last skill in the unit. There will be a Quiz on this skill Wednesday, Jan. 17.

11-30-17 – new info – Unit 4 Target 1 & 2 Quiz tomorrow. Next week we will cover solving systems of equations using Elimination, then review graphing inequalities with 2 variables. A quiz on those two skills will be on Monday Dec. 11th. Next we will begin our 4 day REVIEW for the FINAL EXAM. Review days will be Dec 13, 14, 15 and 18. The EXAM will be on Dec. 19th from 8:15-10:15. No extra time may be given for this test. A strict time limit of 2 hours will be observed.

11-13 -17 Quiz on Targets 4 & 5  Unit 3 test on 11-15-17

9-21-17 Khan academy video exp. growth and decay

We have begun Unit 2 which will cover:

linear and exponential functions

8/30  video link Interval Notation – Domain and Range

Discrete vs Continuous video


***QUIZ on Targets 1 & 2 will be next Tuesday 8-29***


*We have begun Unit 1 which will cover:

Functions and relations

function notation, domain and range, identifying key features of graphical models

link for notes to be completed on 8-22-17 click here

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