Mrs. Raben

Welcome, and blessings to you! I am very happy to be a part of this wonderful school.  I have a great love for mathematics and look forward to imparting as much of that love as possible to my students! Join me in this QUEST!

8th Grade Homeroom

March 11th – 6:00 pm Variety Show parent meeting

April 5th – Variety Show

8-24 – We have finished Chpt 1. We reviewed together today and will have a test on Monday, 8-27th.

8-17 Next week we will begin Chpt 1 of the text book ‘We Live Our Faith’ which discusses how we respond to God’s love by reflecting on his goodness, asking forgiveness for our sins, trying to live holy lives, and giving witness to Jesus.

Confirmation Timeline

(Due dates 2017-2018)


October 27th

Sponsor name is due AND

The information sheet from the confirmation packet

November 5th – Rite of Enrollment during 10:30 Mass

November 17th

Saint Name must be turned in (religion grade)

January 27th (Saturday) mandatory

Retreat at Holy Childhood  – REAP Team

February 24th

Letter to Bishop Braxton (religion grade)

March 23rd

Saint Report due (religion grade)

April 20th

*Shield is due (religion grade)

*Service hours must be complete and record sheets turned in (they may be turned in early)

Here is a great link to a LifeTeen list of many many potential Saint names🙂

We will be having a combined Confirmation with our Parish Partnership which includes St. Libory and Fayetteville.


March 6 – We are almost done with Chapter 7 which has covered multiplying and dividing fractions and mixed numbers. As long as we stay on track and the weather doesn’t delay us anymore, there will be a chapter 7 test on Tuesday, March 12th.

After that we will begin Chapter 8 which covers Integers: adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, and using them on the coordinate plane. We will hopefully get to a test on this by the end of March.

Jan 31 –

We have begun chapter 6 which covers LCM, LCD, adding and subtracting fractions with same denominators and with different denominators,  and the same skills with with mixed numbers. I am hoping to have a test near Feb 14th

Nov 5 –

We will have our chapter 3 Test on Thursday, Nov 8th. The practice test will be handed out tomorrow and they will have some class time to begin working on it. It will be due on Wednesday. Here are some IXL skills that can be used for extra practice and preparation for the test:

F.3 word names for decimal numbers

G.3 understanding decimals expressed in words

G.4 place value

G.7 round decimals

G.10 compare decimal numbers

G.11 put decimal numbers in order

H.4 add and subtract decimals


10-15 It is now looking like the Chpt 2 test will most likely be on Monday, Oct 22nd. After that we will begin Chpt 3 which covers decimals: word form, standard form and expanded form, comparing and ordering them, rounding, and finishes with addition and subtraction of decimals. We will skip lesson 4 in this chapter. It is a VERY short chapter. Expect a test on or near November 6th.

10-3 we have begun Chapter 2 which will cover Frequency tables, bar and line graphs, circle graphs, making predictions with graphs, stem and leaf plots, mean, median, mode and range, and will finish with analyzing graphs.

Expect a test on or near October 19th.

9-14 We are working on the second half of Chapter 1. We continue to work with the order of operations and will have our next test on Friday, Sept. 21st as long as we stay on schedule. I will do everything I can to stick to it because the week of Sept. 24th we will not meet for math due to the IOWA tests. The test on the 21st will cover lessons 5 (again), 6, 7, and 8.

I will split this chapter into 2 separate tests. The first test will cover some special rules of divisibility, prime factors, powers and exponents, and the order of operations. I take this first chapter relatively slowly and will spend more than one day on each skill.

3-6 We started chapter 7 yesterday. This chapter covers ratios, unit rates, proportions, using proportions with scale drawings, finding the percent of a number using proportions. We will hopefully have a test at the end of March.

11-5 We are working in Chpt 3 which covers integers and absolute value, comparing and ordering integers, using integers on the coordinate plane, and finishes with adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing integers. If we stay on track we should have a test on November 15th.

10-15 It looks like we should be having the Chpt 2 test on Friday, Oct 19th at the earliest, but most likely it will be on Monday, Oct 22nd. After that we will begin Chpt 3 which covers identifying integers, absolute value, comparing and ordering integers, the coordinate plane, and adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing integers. Expect a test on or near Nov. 14th.

9-14 After out chapter 1 test we spent some time reviewing some basic math skills as a review before starting Chapter 2. Chpt 2 will cover frequency tables, line plots, mean, median, mode, range, stem and leaf plots, box plots, bar graphs and histograms. If we stay on target the test will be around October 19th.

8-17- Welcome to 6th grade math class! Today we began Chapter 1 which will cover exponents, order of operations, variables and expressions, equations, properties, a bit of measurement,  and finishes with scientific notation. Expect a test in early September after Labor Day.

3-6 Today we took a quiz over the area of rectangles, parallelograms, triangles and trapezoids. This information was from chapter 7 lesson 1. We will continue on with chapter 7 which will include Circumference and area of circles, finding the area of complex figures after which we will have another test over lessons 1-3 of Chapter 7. Look for this test to be near March 14th.

Then we will continue on with the chapter covering identifying and naming 3-D figures and finding the volume of them. The chapter ends with surface area of 3-D figures.

11-26 As long as we stay on track the Chpt 4 test will be on Thursday, December 6th.


IXL skills that will help with  chapter 4 are:

Lesson 1   J.1, J.5     Lesson 2   J.13,

Lesson3   V.1, V.2 , K.1   Lesson 4    J.8, J.10          Lesson 5   X.9,  X.12

Lesson 6  J.7     Lesson 7  X.13   Lesson 8 – no IXL skill for this

11-5 We zipped through chapter 3 which concentrated on square roots and the Pythagorean Theorem. All students became “official” Pythagoreans upon completion of this chapter. We tested on this material on 10-31.  We are now working in chapter 4 which covers ratios, unit rates, rate of change, slope, solving proportions and using them with similar polygons, scale drawings and indirect measurement. The chapter ends with dilations. We will hopefully have a chapter 4 test near November 30th.

10-15 As indicated in my email last week, we moved the Chpt 2 test to today, but it will still count toward 1st quarter.

Next we will begin Chpt. 3 which will cover square roots, the real number system, the Pythagorean Theorem and it’s use to determine distance on the coordinate plane. It is a short chapter, so expect a test on or near October 31st.

10-3 We are finishing up Chapter 2 and plan to have the test next Thursday, Oct 11.

9-14 We began Chpt 2 on 9/11. In this chapter we will work with adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing with fractions, mixed numbers. We will also cover solving  equations involving fractions and decimals. We will cover exponents and learn about negative exponents this year and the chapter ends with scientific notation. If we stay on target we will have a test soon after the middle of October.

8-17- Welcome to 7th grade math class! Today we began Chapter 1 which will cover variables and expressions, integers and absolute value, adding integers, subtracting integers,  multiplying and dividing integers, writing expressions and equations, and will finish with solving equations using addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Expect a test around the second week of September.

3-6 We are completing Chapter 8 which covers functions, slope, linear equations in slope-intercept form: graphing and writing equations. There will be a test over all of chapter 8 toward the end of March.

11-26 – Chpt 5 test will be on Friday 11/30

11-5 We ended up with the Chpt 4 test on 11/2. We began chpt 5 today which covers converting between fractions and decimals, multiplying and dividing rational numbers, adding and subtracting fractions with like and unlike denominators with negatives involved, a revisiting of measures of central tendancy, solving equations with rational numbers, and arithmetic and geometric sequences. This is a very long chapter. A lot can happen to get us off track, but for now, I hope to have a test near Nov. 28th.

10-15 We began Chpt 4 today which covers, monomials, powers and exponents, prime factorization with variables, Greatest Common Factors with variables, simplifying algebraic fractions, multiplying and dividing monomials, negative exponents, and scientific notation. Look for a test near October 30th.

10-3 We are still on track to have a Chpt 3 test on Friday, Oct 12th.

9-14 We zipped through chapter 2 which was a lot of review material on integers. We have begun Chpt 3 which covers the distributive property, simplifying algebraic expressions, solving equations using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in both one step and two step equations. We will practice writing and solving two step equations from word problems and will finish the chapter with linear equations using formulas. We should be able to get to a test by mid October.

8-28-18 – We finished grading our last lesson in the chapter today. The practice test is due tomorrow and the Chapter 1 Test will be on Thursday, 30th.

8-17-18  Today we began Chapter 1 which will cover variables and expressions, properties, equations, ordered pairs, and scatter plots.  Expect a test in late August.

3-6 We have begun Unit 7 which will cover working with radicals, solving quadratic equations using factoring, completing the square, and the quadratic formula. Our next quiz will be on Monday, March 11th over radicals.

11-26 We began Unit 4 today. We will not complete it before we have to take the final exam. The remainder of Unit 4 will be covered in January (we always do it this way) Only the portion of Unit 4 we do complete will appear on the Final exam. I plan to have the Final Exam on Thursday, December 20th from 8:15-10:15. Prior to the final exam day we will spend 4 days reviewing the everything we have covered this semester. Remember that the Final Exam counts for 1/5 of the semester grade. Each quarter grade counts as 2/5.

11-5 We are in the midst of our weighted averages work and only have one more skill after that to finish this unit. There will be one or maybe two more quizzes followed by the Unit 4 test. I hope to test on this Unit no later than Monday, November 19th and I hope to have a test before that if possible.

10-15 We had the Unit 2 test today and will begin Unit 3. We will be covering writing and solving linear equations and inequalities with justification, using the these equations and inequalities to solve problems with graphs,  weighted averages, and working with literal equations (containing several different variables). Look for a Unit test around the middle of November.

10-3 – We will have a targets 4&5 quiz next week. I also HOPE to have the Unit 2 test on Friday, Oct 12.

10-3 Correlation Coefficient video links

Target 4 Linear Regression and the Correlation Coefficient Unit 2

Target 4

Useful video linear regression with calculator steps-  7 minutes

Linear regression and correlation coefficient – Finding r with calculator steps – 1:38 minutes

Definition of the correlation coefficient – 4 minutes

Video I found to help explain correlation coefficient

r squared explanation video


9-21 here is the link to the Khan Academy video for exponential growth and decay

9-14 We continue to work in Unit 2 on Arithmetic and Geometric functions. The first quiz on this Unit will be on 9-25.

9-5 Here is the link to interval notation

8-28-18 Here is the link to the continuous vs discontinuous functions


8-20 Link to the video to finish tonight’s homework:

8-17-18 *We have begun Unit 1 which will cover:

Functions and relations

function notation, domain and range, identifying key features of graphical models

There will be a quiz at the end of Aug. on the first to target skills.