Mrs. Raben

Welcome and blessings to you! I am very happy to be a part of this wonderful school.  I have a great love for mathematics and look forward to imparting as much of that love as possible to my students! Join me in this QUEST!

8th Grade Homeroom

*Sept. 25-29 will be IOWA testing week.  We will still have Religion class each day (chpt 4 test on Monday) AND we will still have Algebra class (can’t lose 5 days of instruction and be ready for the final in December)

* Oct. 3 (Tues) Pet Blessing at 2:45 at the flagpole

*Oct. 6th and 9th– NO SCHOOL enjoy!

*Oct. 10th (Tues.) Make up picture day and Jr. Beta photo.

*Oct 13th – Yes, it is Friday the 13th!!  END OF QUARTER 1

*Oct 14th – Dinner Auction!! YAY!!

* Oct 27th – Confirmation Sponsor name is due and the information sheet from the packet

*Nov 5th – RITE OF ENROLLMENT -during 10:30 Mass

*Nov 17th – Confirmation SAINT name is due for each student

We began Chpt5 in the We Live Our Faith textbook.


Confirmation Timeline

(Due dates 2017-2018)


October 27th

Sponsor name is due AND

The information sheet from the confirmation packet

November 5th – Rite of Enrollment during 10:30 Mass

November 17th

Saint Name must be turned in (religion grade)

January 27th (Saturday) mandatory

Retreat at Holy Childhood  – REAP Team

February 24th

Letter to Bishop Braxton (religion grade)

March 23rd

Saint Report due (religion grade)

April 20th

*Shield is due (religion grade)

*Service hours must be complete and record sheets turned in (they may be turned in early)

Here is a great link to a LifeTeen list of many many potential Saint names🙂

We will be having a combined Confirmation with our Parish Partnership which includes St. Libory and Fayetteville.


We are finishing Chpt 1 and will have a test over lessons 5-8  on Thursday Sept 21st.

exponents, Order of Operations, solving equations, and will finish with area of rectangles will be covered on the test.

We have begun Chpt 2 Analyzing Data which will cover:

frequency tables, making predictions from graphs, line plots, mean, median, mode, Stem and Leaf plots, box and whisker plots, bar graphs, histograms, and misleading statistics.

We have begun Chpt 2: Rational numbers which will cover:

converting fractions and decimals, comparing and ordering rational numbers, multiplying and dividing fractions and mixed numbers, adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers, equations with rational numbers, exponents, and scientific notation

We have begun Chpt 3 Equations, which will cover:

Distributive property, simplifying algebraic expressions, solving one and two step equations, perimeter and area formulas.

Newest info will be at the top of the page:

9-21-17 Khan academy video exp. growth and decay

We have begun Unit 2 which will cover:

linear and exponential functions

8/30  video link Interval Notation – Domain and Range

Discrete vs Continuous video


***QUIZ on Targets 1 & 2 will be next Tuesday 8-29***


*We have begun Unit 1 which will cover:

Functions and relations

function notation, domain and range, identifying key features of graphical models

link for notes to be completed on 8-22-17 click here

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