Where We Come Together as Family

The Parent Babysitting Co-op (PBC) is for parents of Holy Childhood students who have younger children not attending school, who would like to volunteer but don’t have childcare.

The younger children will be cared for in the After Care Room by one or more parents while the other parents are providing volunteer services at the school. The Co-op will run on a one babysitting session for one volunteer session swap. This means that you will be required to baby-sit one session in order to volunteer one session. This will allow you to be able to volunteer as your schedule permits either once a week, once a month or even just for field trips.

For example, when you request/schedule a time you could be at the school like every other Tuesday, you would then baby-sit one Tuesday and volunteer one Tuesday. If you would like to go on your child’s field trip then plan to baby-sit on the day of a field trip for one of the classes your child is not in. There will need to be a 2 person minimum, (ideally 4 people/families or more) signed up per volunteer session. Your babysitting and volunteer sessions will be tracked via the PBC folder in the After Care Room.

The After Care Room is available anytime during school hours. A schedule is posted in the PBC folder and sent out to any participating PBC members via email. If there is a date or a specific time you would like to volunteer that is not on the list, please contact Susan Anderson to add it to the schedule. She will email the group to see if anyone would like to join you. If there are at least 2 families who would like to volunteer one day, you can do so without being on the schedule, just sign in and annotate the PBC folder accordingly. When there is a special event involving many or all the grades, there will be ½ hour swap slots. For example, on the day of the Christmas Party you would baby-sit ½ an hour then volunteer ½ an hour, so all the parents would get a chance to take part in the special activities.

  • Cafeteria Duty (helping gather trays, helping children with their food, etc)
  • Playground Duty (Watching the Children in the fenced area)
  • Classroom Help (Particularly the younger grades or in your students classroom)
  • Library (Help out with the various duties in the library)
  • Reading Counts Tests (The students will read their story to you and you help administer the Reading Counts Tests)
  • Special Events (help set up/clean up) for example, church picnic, auction, book fair, Thanksgiving Feast, Christmas, etc…
  • Numerous other miscellaneous jobs in the school

Parents will provide a snack and sack lunch (if applicable) and drink for each of their children they will leave in the co-op. As well as diapers and wipes if applicable.

If you are one of the parents who will be watching the children while the others volunteer, you can have your school age children join you for lunch in the After Care Room, if you so desire.

The playground, Gymnasium, and Art Room are available to use with the co-op children provided the elementary students aren’t occupying them (check schedules in the PBC folder).

There is a TV/VCR/DVD player available in the room for use plus a radio/CD/tape player. Various children’s movies and CDs are available at the office. There is a plastic tote with a lid with toys, books and colors for the younger children in the closet of the After Care Room.

Recess is daily from 9:30-9:45am and 11:20-11:50am and 12:15-12:35

Kindergarten goes to lunch at 10:50am

Grades 1-4 go to lunch at 11:00am end with prayer at 11:15am

Grades 5-8 go to lunch at 11:55am and end with prayer at 12:10

Library is on Wednesdays and Thursdays (complete schedule in PBC folder)